A man urinates on another passenger on a flight from the US to India

Take a plane trip that takes several hours It can be a messy experience For some, even if there are problems with the crew or other passengers inside the plane.

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That’s what happened On American Airlines Flight 292 Last weekend, a man, whose identity is not yet known, decided to urinate on another passenger he was arguing with inside the plane.

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The truth that was known a few hours ago, It happened inside the plane that covered the route from New York to New Delhi, The journey takes about 14 and a half hours.

According to the flight crew’s report, the man was in an argument with another passenger and decided to urinate on him in the midst of the struggle. The reason for discussing both riders is not yet known.

However, the plane authorities claimed that the passenger who decided to urinate during the flight from JFK, Looks like he was drunk He was behaving aggressively and disorganized.

Given the fact that the capital of the plane that left the United States, I called the authorities in New Delhi To report the unpleasant truth. After American Airlines Flight 292 landed at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Security arrested the passenger

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In addition, the victim of the event sHe addressed the authorities of India to file the relevant complaint On the guy who peed on him mid-flight. At the moment, it is not known what happened to the man who starred in the scandalous moment in the plane.

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Similar case to American Airlines Flight 292

This is not the first time that an event of this kind has occurred on a flight covering the New York-New Delhi route. In November last year, a man who was drunk on an Air India flight, I peed on a 70 year old woman standing nearby.

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