USCIS Warnings About Filing Multiple Forms I-134A

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has released a new message about filing Form I-134A.

Through the said form, sponsors in the United States complete an “Online Application to Become a Sponsor and Declare Financial Support.” This is the first step in obtaining authorization to travel to the United States for your beneficiaries in Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, or Venezuela.

However, due to the delay in resolution of many cases, applicants are uploading more than one Form I-134A, which USCIS has recently cautioned against.

This Tuesday they released: “Potential sponsors may not submit more than one Form I-134A for the same beneficiary. If you have not received a decision regarding your I-134A filing, please check the status of your case by yourself USCIS account Reality”.

What happens when sponsors in the United States file Form I-134A? According to the official information, if it is approved, the beneficiaries will receive an email with instructions to set up USCIS account online and other instructions.

The Immigration Service advises you to carefully review delivered emails, including junk mail and spam folders.

Sponsors, Parole and Form I-134A

However, if the Immigration Service determines that the Form I-134A is insufficient, the decision is final. “The beneficiary will receive an email from USCIS stating that we have determined that the Form I-134A issued on his behalf is insufficient,” they clarify.

However, this does not mean that people do not have more opportunities. Sponsors may file a new Form I-134A in the name of the same beneficiary or someone else requesting a different decision.

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Last March, the US Embassy in Cuba pointed out the issue: “In general, the Humanitarian Affairs Division (HAB) USCIS adjudicates parole petitions within 90 days of receipt”.

“If you have not met the 90-day deadline, do not submit your petition multiple times. You have to wait because it may take a long time to process,” they warned.

Some Cubans who expressed their opinion on the USCIS page claim that they have submitted their applications for more than 100 days and have yet to receive a response.

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