Another fire breaks out in the port of Matanzas

A Fire at one of the oil pumps located at the supertanker berth of Matanzas port The newspaper published the news Girona. Smoke billows from various parts of the city.

According to TV Yumuri’s later reports, that’s about it A small fire in the dock area of ​​the Matanzas Fuel Trading CompanyNow fully controlled.

“It was at the Objective 104 pump in the dock area where the diesel pump is running,” he said on Facebook. Pedro Rizo Martinez, president of the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC) in Madanzas province and a journalist for TV Yumuri. According to your version, Once the fire was detected, the emergency system was activated. and, by firefighters using water and foam, The fire was extinguished.

No deaths or injuries were reported, and the incident will not affect the operation of those docks, Rizzo Martinez said.

Several official Cuban media outlets reported last Thursday that a vessel docked at the supertanker terminal in Madanzas. with cargo of diesel fuel. Accordingly cubeAlthough the name of the vessel or its origin have not been clarified, the shipment represents the international suppliers’ fulfillment of contracts signed with the state-owned Union Cuba-Petróleo (CUPET).

Through web tracking system Sea shipping, DIARIO DE CUBA later confirmed the presence of the unloading tanker at the dock of the Supertanker site. But the automatic identification system (AIS) could not identify the ship with the heliport on deck. Your geolocator is offline with the intention of not being noticed.

The Matanzas supertanker platform was commissioned in August 2022According to the calculations of the Cuban authorities, 17 people died and dozens were injured, most of them firefighters, which lasted a week and caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

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He A fire this afternoon in the port of Madanzas, At the fuel unloading dock, the country is in the midst of the biggest fuel crisis the country has ever faced. Rígel Rodriguez, director of the affected company, told TV Yumurí that “they Assess possible damages and causes of the event”.

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