They refer to Justice, the head of Luma Energy

The Representative Louis Raul Torres Cruz Referred to today Engineer Wayne K. Stensby, President of Luma Energy, The Department of Justice, the Comptroller’s Office, the Office of Government Ethics and the Office of the Inspector General of Puerto Rico are said to be interest and ethics violations.

The representative of the District 2 of San Juan, the head of the Economic Development, Planning, Telecommunications, Public-Private Partnership and Energy Commission, pointed to the investigation carried out under Chamber Resolution 136, which orders the Luma to investigate the energy deal. Engineer Stensby has been identified as the company’s Vice President and Corporate Development. Canadian applications Also, even an executive in the company ATCO. Torres Cruz blamed the situation on Stensby’s because the company Canadian applications, Parent company ATCO, and the latter owning 50% of LUMA Energy.

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“Engineer Stensby is a partner and holds economic interests in both companies; Canadian Applications and ATCO. In addition, he is currently Chairman of LUMA ENERGY LLC and LUMA ENERGY SERVCO LLC. These companies controlled energy transfer and distribution until June 1, 2021,” said Torres Cruz. .

At a public hearing on March 21, 2021, Luma Energy announced that it had a 50% stake in ATCO and Quanta each as shareholders, which are the parent companies of Luma Energy. Engineer Stensby signed a contract with the Electricity Authority on 22 June 2020 on behalf of the above companies.

Torres Cruz said, “Stenzby, the engineer responsible for formulating and establishing public policy in the Electricity Authority, is a public official, a partner in the ATCO and the head of Luma Energy. As an engineer, he will be the head of Luma Energy, an AOC, in which he will be contracted by ATC. Is a partner in, in which he has economic interests, for which the matter should be referred to the relevant authorities so that they can investigate deeply, ”he concluded.

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