They launch a space to manage the urban transportation system in NL | Mexico News

he Transport Management Centre Implemented a “brain” system responsible for identification Optimal customization Urban transport trucks in New lionAs well as regulating its circulation. In addition, this system provides information about at present On the passenger website and queue management.

This innovative approach has been integrated as an integral part of the Mobility Management Center project, which replaced the old one Sintram. This advanced system was launched on Wednesday at Fundidora Park.

José Manuel Valdez, director of the Institute for Mobility and Accessibility, noted that the new space will include All information about the transportation service Monterrey audienceThis is done by monitoring trucks and transportation times, which will generate information that will help make roads more efficient.

“This is another big step. What Centram is giving us now is the technology required to control the entire transportation system. We have a video wall that doesn’t exist anywhere else in Mexico, a group of people trained to be able to give the Real-time attention“We know exactly where every unit subject to the pay-per-kilometre system is.”

“Can a screen Their cameras, we can see where he is Accidents,We can see the panic button alarm, everything is done from here. This is the brain that determines where we should place the units, where we should take them out, where the fare is, if lines are forming, where we should intensify traffic frequencies, all this information is provided to us by the Center Mobility Department,” he commented.

Hernan Villarreal, Secretary of State for Mobility and Urban Planning, reported that the new space has a new scope Conversions will improve In Monterrey and its metropolitan area.

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He also stated that equipment, technology and tools, 2500 cameras Traffic lights had an investment One thousand and eight hundred million pesos.

“Now new technology allows us Monitor everything With cameras and then the coordination of traffic lights becomes easier and maintained, but also with other more advanced components: traffic priority for public transport, and this control center when all the routes are combined, “let’s start with priority for public transport.”

“the protection What we offer the user with cameras, Avoid harassment This happens a lot in transportation, and with this we will take a step forward. “Technologies that enable free Internet in all transportation units, that is, transportation in the first world,” Villarreal said.


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