They ask Naib Bukel to reclaim the Honduran island of Gonajo

San Salvador, El Salvador.

Locations of regional conflict between Honduras And El Salvador opens a new chapter in mid-2021. Salvador Congressman Guillermo Caligos Asked the president of that country, See here, Owned by Honduras and to do “everything necessary” to reclaim the island of Gonajo located in the Gulf of Fonseca.

Conejo Island Activities 0.5 km Squares. This is subject to controversy between the two countries International Court of Justice in The Hague dictasti en 1992 It belongs Honduras.

El Salvador represents the Colegos party, the vice president of Congress Success On top of that Legislators. The party is an ally of the President of Salvador and his party, New Ideas. Together, the two parties gave Bukel a majority in the El Salvador Congress in recent months.

According to him El Mundo newspaper, Retrieved from a publication by the Vice President of Salvador LA PRENSA Newspaper About one El Salvador and China plan to build near the Fonseka Gulf With capital from the Asian country, it will cover an area of ​​about 7,000 hectares. This project is called “Special Economic Zones (ZEE)”.

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“I will encourage the president Take a look Thus he can do what is necessary to reclaim the island of Gonajo, which is that place Honduras Wants to occupy access to the Pacific Ocean, “said Gallicos. The world.

In response to the release Press, The Member of Parliament for Salvador pointed it out “Honduras You don’t have to worry. “He stretched out:” They (Honduras) There are many years since the conquest of the island of Gonzalez, which is geographically and historically ours (Salvador’s).

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Comment from Hack, El Salvador has demanded sovereignty Rabbit, Because it considers that it has not been submitted to the jurisdiction of the inquiry in question. At the time, Honduras and El Salvador were at loggerheads over several regional pockets that were mainly in favor of Honduras.

For now, the Government of Honduras It does not provide a glimpse into the claims of the Galactic or the attempt of the law of Salvador around the island of Gonzalez.

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