In Androda’s debut, Royados defeated Sivas 1-0

Sergio Villarreal beat Monterrey Repano by a small margin in San Antonio, Texas

Chivas fell 1-0 with a goal from Sergio Villarreal in the preparation match for Aberdera 2021. This fight, which showed the zero generation of attacking football in Guadalajara, helped Estaben Androda enjoy his first match as a rioter. The mob provided the uniform to wear with it the following season.

In the first part, the goalkeepers drew attention. Stephen Androda Cut several Guadalajara centers Raul Gudino There were two notable interventions to prevent the fall of his bow.

In addition to the goalkeepers’ actions, the highlight of the first 45 minutes is the exchange of words Javier Aguirre And the central arbitrator of the determination, in which ‘Vasco’ ended with the yellow card.

After playing with his own team in the first half, Monterrey donated his long-distance uniform to the filling area.

With white decor, finally Los Riotos opened the scoring with a goal from Sergio Villarreal. Young Montreal Taking advantage of the fact that the ball was left without the owner on the edge of the Rojiplanka area, it slipped into the angle of the goal to take a powerful shot Raul Gudino, Who followed the ball only by his sight.

Already 1-0, the mob dominated the conciliation process. He pushed the ball away from the hut Stephen Androda, Was able to spin more than two passes before the pressure imposed by the Sivas team Javier Aguirre.

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Sivas He added his first setback in the early tour of the United States, in which he failed to score a goal. The previous Wednesday they had drawn 0-0 with Tigris, and this Sunday they fell 1-0 against Monterrey.

The Rios won their second game of preparation in Texas after beating Torres 5-1 last week.

The Guadalajara The Liga debuts at MX on July 24, hosting Atletico de San Luis at the Akron Stadium, at the same time Montreal It will be presented in a local match on the 25th of the same month against Puebla at the BPVA Stadium.

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