Antonio Brown to sue Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Both Brown and his lawyer feel that Bucks owes him contract money and libel damages.

TAMPA, Fla. – Former wide receiver for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Antonio Brown, And his lawyer, Sean Burstin, said on Tuesday that he was too injured to play against the New York Jets and that he would take legal action against Bucks for firing him and that coach Bruce Arians had ignored their plea not to return. Enter the game.

Burstin, who appeared on HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Kumble”, said they not only seek money for Brown’s ankle surgery, but think the NFL collective bargaining agreement owes him, but they are also investigating a possible civil libel case for the Bucs. Who brought the mental health of the player to the situation.

“Tony [Brown] He was slandered for being mentally ill for this twist, and it was not credible for him to do a good job in the field. We therefore seek internally all of our rights under the collective agreement and beyond.

“All our options are on the table. We will hold Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Bruce Arians and general manager accountable. Anyone responsible for this change is unbelievable that Antonio has the mental strength to do a good job playing football. They will be held accountable.”

Brown and his lawyer did not provide a cash description of how much they were looking for.

“Lots of money. Lots,” Brown said, adding that he was insulted for questioning his mental health.

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“It is very unreasonable and unfortunate to drag people in and confuse people’s mental health,” he said.

Burstin said he had proof that General Manager Jason List had texted him after the game. He said Bruce spoke to Arians and was told by Arians that Brown had injured his ankle, which contradicts Arians’ version of events; He initially insisted that Brown did not know how to continue what he felt was so painful.

Brown denied that Arians had regretted not having a half-time shoot and that he needed fellow players to calm him down.

“I do not care about the ball. Tom Brady He is my QB. That’s why I came to Tampa Bay, so I knew I would have the ball. “

Gumbel tried to get in the way, but Brown continued: “I’ll get the ball. I’m Antonio Brown; I’m a receiver; I’m getting the ball. I had a million dollars in line to get.”

Gumbel said, “Well, that’s what I’m asking you. Could you have gotten the bonus money if you had played more? More receptions and more yards in the game against the Jets?”

Burstin said, “Under contract? Yes. If he is physically playing.”

When told Arians that Brown refused to regret the plays, Arians insisted: “The players know the truth.”

Brown refused to do so, claiming that Bucks would pay him $ 200,000 to sit on the sidelines and engage in psychiatric treatment.

“These guys from Tampa Bay Bucks tried to break a deal with me to pay me $ 200,000. Go to the madhouse to show them they know what they’re talking about,” Brown said.

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Burstin said List told him twice in writing: “Don’t do this any other way.”

When asked if he thinks he needs any psychiatric help, Brown stressed: “I have the mental resources, man. A lot of people may not understand me, I know how I see things or how I react to emotional things. I have beautiful family, children.” And it’s not because people around the world are watching me, it’s not because I’m in this situation right now. “

The Aryans did not particularly use the word “mental health” when discussing the Brown incident. When asked by Aryans about Brown leaving the field, he said, “Yes, it was very difficult. I wish him the best. If he needs help, I hope he gets it. It’s very difficult because I care about him.”

Brown and his lawyer said he had been injected with the painkiller Doradol shortly before the Bucks Week 16 game against the Carolina Panthers and the Jets Week 17 game, and continued to be injected. While Toradol is still allowed in the league, the NFL sent out a note in June urging teams to restrict the use of painkillers by players due to the risk of major bleeding.

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