They ask airlines not to reduce the space between plane seats

Six US Democratic senators urged Federal Aviation Administration To ban airlines from reducing the size and legroom of airplane seats.

Senators including Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Richard Blumenthal, Edward Markey and Ron Wyden said the airlines Seating has been downsized since at least the 1990s, and seat legroom, which defines legroom, has been reduced from 32 inches to 28 inches.The seat width drops from 19 inches to just 16 inches.

We urge the FAA to conduct a comprehensive review of the safety factors affecting seat space, width, and length and to ensure that these safety factors take into account the entire American public, including children, seniors, people with disabilities, and others.” Federalist Billy Nolen.

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We urge the FAA to immediately prohibit any reduction in the size, width or class of seats on board, the amount of legroom per seat, and aisle widths on such aircraft until a decision is made. Final rule.

Airlines for America, a group representing United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and others, and the International Air Transport Association have said in written comments that they believe the FAA should not write regulations setting minimum seat dimensions, arguing that the agency “Meticulously studied seat sizes and concluded that current passenger dimensions and configurations are safe”.

In 2018, Congress said the FAA should issue regulations within a year that set minimum dimensions. for passenger seatsincluding minimum seat inclination, width and length limits “necessary for the safety of occupants”.

A US appeals court has heard arguments from a publication defense group that urged it to order the Federal Aviation Administration to place minimum seat dimensions on passenger planes. There are no minimum seat dimensions.

Current rules state that airlines must be able to evacuate passengers within 90 seconds, but does not specify seat size requirements. In July 2018, the FAA said it would not regulate seat sizes.

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Airlines’ margins could take a hit if they have to reconfigure planes and cut seats.

The FAA noted that it published the cabin evacuation study in March 2022 and opened it for comment in August. The FAA has received nearly 25,000 comments.

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