Natty Natasha responds to a user asking who she’s cheating with

Interpreter Natty Natasha responded strongly to a follower on social networks during a live broadcast on Instagram yesterday Thursday, asking who is cheating on music producer Robbie Bina. The businessman is serving a prison sentence in Puerto Rico on charges of illegal weapons possession.

In a video shared on one of Bina’s Instagram accounts, reflecting how the questioning did not amuse the artiste, she reiterated her loyalty to her partner.

“Nobody, because I’m not like you,” he replied. “I am with my husband because I love and respect him. If I don’t beat him outside, I’m going to do it inside,” he insisted.

“People like you can’t judge (others)… The thief judges by their status, so they hit your little horn and I understand that you are hurt. It’s bad when they honk, right?” Heard the voice of hits like Older than you, the best version of me Y DJ Don’t Stop.

As part of his response, he admitted that he had been unfaithful in the past, but this was not a motivation for her to act this way.

“They cheated on me before, but I can’t think that’s why everyone cheats. But I understand your pain. I go with you in your feelings. If women mess with you and cheat on you all the time, there must be something wrong with you, Marcos. You’re wrong. I’m a lot. Just listening… I am praying for you that they will stop deceiving you.

For his part, through a post shared on the pinarecords1 account, the producer appreciated his girlfriend’s act. “Marco got hot water. Nattie is yours but Natalya is mine so we are separated but not completely. Calm down so it doesn’t happen to them like what happened to Marcos… I love you my #Lokita”.

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