‘They are our lands’: Russia warns of consequences for US aspirations in the Arctic

Moscow, Russia

Head Russian diplomacy He said on Monday that the Arctic is Russia’s zone of influence and warned Western nations against their ambitions, A few days from an important regional forum.

“It has been clear to everyone for a long time that this is our land, our territory. We are responsible for the protection of our coast, where everything we do is legitimate and legitimate,” he said. Sergei Lavrov At a press conference.

“When NATO is trying to justify its attack on the ArcticThis is not the same situation, and we have questions from our neighbors, such as Norway, who are trying to justify the Coalition’s arrival in the Arctic, “he said.

Announcements take place at the beginning of a Arctic Council Meeting, An area that attracts more and more economic and geopolitical interests.

The meeting includes Russia, the United States, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland.

The Anthony Blingen, President of US Diplomacy He plans to meet Sergei Lavrov for the first time Summit between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin in June.

As for the Arctic, Lavrov called for the resumption of regular meetings between the leaders of the staff member states of the Council “to reduce the risks at the military level.”

Russia has steadily increased its military presence in the Arctic In recent years, the reopening and upgrading of many sites and airports abandoned since the end of the Soviet era.

It also parked its sophisticated S-400 air defense systems there.

Russian interests conflict with its regional neighbors, including the United States, which sent strategic bombers to train in Norway this year and sent ships to the Barents Sea last year in Russia’s exclusive economic zone.

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