Los Angeles Times Newspaper: Buckell is a man with only one vision, power

“(Buckel) plans to continue to rule for 40 years,” Fabio Castillo told the American newspaper, citing a conspiracy against the judiciary to approve constitutional changes that would allow him to remain in power beyond the period established by law.

The American newspaper Los Angeles Times ran a conspiracy against the judiciary on May 1, led by a majority of representatives of the ruling party in Salvador, as well as in the context of the way Naib Bukel is ruling.

Thousands of Presidents of El Salvador have only one vision: powerEntitled Magazine Creation, May 16, 2021. It covers everything from the 39-year-old president’s ability to use social media to his advantage to the negative stance he has shown in the face of the questions he has received. Immediate removal and replacement of the Attorney General by the legislative fractions relating to the Magistrate of the Constitutional Chamber and their administration.

The newspaper notes that Buckell has maintained high approval ratings for the duties he has accepted since taking office two years ago, “he has turned away from authoritarianism, attacked the press and civil society and occupied the country’s legislature with deputies last year following the refusal to pass the anti-crime spending bill. “

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But Buckel’s victory in the 2019 presidential election confirmed it in the February 2021 assembly and municipal elections, in which his new Ideas party was defeated and won a majority of seats in parliament and the country’s mayors.

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“On May 1, the day the country’s new legislature took office, its supporters rallied in the Supreme Court and the Attorney General’s Office to oust its critics, an illegal acquisition that political scientists considered a ‘self-conspiracy’,” the US media said.

The Speaker of the Legislature, Ernesto Castro, took office over the judges of the Constituent Assembly after the removal of the legal magistrates. Photo EDH / file

The decision was rejected and condemned by the international community, which said it was “becoming a close friend” other than China and did not “condemn” the actions of the Bukel government.

“American lawmakers have threatened to cut off aid. Many critics have called him a ‘dictator of thousands’. However, Buckell still challenged:’ For voices asking for a return to the past. […]”The changes we are making are irreversible,” he tweeted the day after his meeting with Ricardo Zika, the US special envoy to the Northern Triangle.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Buchall describes himself as “an instrument of God” and says that El Salvador is starting a “new story”.

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But what that ‘new story’ of Buckell’s will bring is uncertain, much to the displeasure of some. Latin America is used by the powerful and the rhetorical, but Buckell seems to be a new thing: a warrior of the digital age trying to spread his populist politics throughout the region. The bearded man is wearing a jeans uniform and a back-to-back baseball cap, a symbol of unrepentant rebellion and a ubiquitous monument. ”

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Although the president said he had no left or right ideology, he had “new ideas” for “constitutional lawyer Fabio Castillo”, who explained in the middle of the north that the name of his political party was “a mystery”.

Castillo, who resigned from the Buchale government commission studying constitutional reforms, disagreed with the conspiracy for the judiciary, pointing out: “I do not know what kind of country he wants to create.”

According to analysts who have consulted with the media, democracy itself is in danger when Buckeye controls two forces. Photo EDH / Efe

“What is clear is that Bukel is hungry for more power,” the media reported when referring to Castillo, who pushed critics of the Supreme Court out of the presidency and endorsed constitutional changes that would allow him to remain in office. Beyond the five years established by law as President.

“He has a plan to rule the country continuously for 40 years,” Castillo told the American newspaper.

The United States is analyzing stocks

According to the report, “If the United States decides to punish Buckle for his acquisition, it could divert hundreds of millions of dollars in expected aid to civil society to prevent his government’s immigration, or sanctions on his appointees, visas.”

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In addition, Washington “sees Buccaneer because he has ambitions beyond El Salvador. In recent months, new Ideas parties have sprung up in Guatemala and Honduras, and Bukele recently entered Honduran politics by donating the Govt-19 vaccine directly to mayors who oppose the country’s president, ”he added.

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According to the Times, the newspaper tried to gain Buccaneer’s status, but the president’s office refused an interview, but agreed to meet with his vice president, Felix Ulova. “Ulloa does not have much power in government; it is owned by three Buckeye brothers, his unofficial but highly influential advisers,” the release said.

The vice president said he did not necessarily agree with Buckell’s tactics, which he described as “shocking”, but said it was necessary to take control of the courts to avoid obstacles to the president’s agenda.

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