How many tabs can you open on an iPhone?

Having multiple tabs open in Safari does not affect iPhone or iPad performance

If you’re one of those people who care about the performance of your iPhone or iPad and you’re worried about using it regularly to keep your device fluid and fast, you can’t worry about a single detail. want Multiple open tabs in Safari They won’t slow down your phone or tablet.

That’s right, Safari has all the tabs open or in use Does not affect the speed or performance of our iPhone or iPadAnd this was confirmed by an experiment Howtogeek.

Safari is the best browser for Apple devices

This test was done in Safari with a limit of 500 open tabs. However, one group had 500 more tabs opened, another 500 opened in incognito mode, and another group of 500 tabs opened in incognito mode as well. Even if this number of tabs is open The iPhone’s performance hasn’t slowed down.

I mean, the user can keep such a large number of tabs open and they don’t affect the usage of the device, why? iOS and iPadOS have a wonderful advantage Manage Safari tabs automaticallyPrevents open tabs from running in the background or using resources.

Some reasons like battery drain or storage usage can cause iPhone or iPad to slow down, Safari will not be part of the problem.

Safari is usually a company badge that gets it Constant updates A native browser offers the same for your devices with many advantages.

There are some people Tips you can follow to face iPhone performance problemBut It is always better to rule out reasons. Now you can consider this information.

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Safari groups

Safari lets you create tab groups for better management

Currently, iOS 16 is the latest version of the iPhone operating system The most important improvements to Safari. Because of this, we advise you to update to its latest version 16.1 To eliminate certain vulnerabilities And make sure you do Keeping it up-to-date will keep your device running smoothly.

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