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Can you imagine “A crazy Friday” (“Freeky Friday”) returning almost two decades later? Yes, as you read it, The It also stars Jamie Lee Curtis , in 2003, could have a second part to the public’s delight. Even though everyone who saw this film jumped with excitement at the possibility of a sequel, it was actress Anna who gave life to young Anna.

Next, we tell you everything he had to say As well as the accent of the actress who brought Tess to life.

It should be noted that this comedy is the third Disney adaptation and is based on the book of the same name by Mary Rodgers, but compared to its predecessors, it was a huge success.

In “Crazy Friday”, Dr. Tess Coleman (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her daughter Anna Coleman (Lindsay Lohan) are completely different people (Image: Disney)

Lindsay Lohan’s word on “A Crazy Friday 2.”

As expected, In support of “Crazy Friday 2.”, if it’s in Disney’s plans, it’s expected to be approved. Although still undecided, he revealed that he had debated who his mother would be in the novel.

“We talked about it, yes. Take the fact that I was on set at the time, and suddenly Jamie Lee Curtis was writing, and I was immediately excited and distracted, but I had to land and say to myself, ‘I’m on set, I have to do it.’ Attention.’ But when he told me ‘Freaky Friday 2’, I got really calculated .

When asked directly if she’d like to work on the sequel again, she didn’t hesitate: “We both love”.

Jamie Lee Curtis had already talked about a possible sequel months ago

That was this October 2022 Jaime Lee Curtis talked about the possibility of a “Crazy Friday” sequel, noting that he wrote it for Disney. proposal.

“Leave me as a grandmother! Let me be the elder grandmother who relocates. So, Lindsey gets to be the glamorous grandma, still happy with Mark Harmon in all the ways you can be happy with Mark Harmon…and I love seeing Lindsey be the glamorous grandma.mentioned in .

Likewise, her daughter maintains a great relationship in fiction, they talk often, and she knows what she’s up to or how she’s doing.

What is “Crazy Friday” all about?

“Crazy Friday” focuses on a mother and her teenage daughter who says no one understands her, even believing her mother’s life is too easy. All of this changes when a spell is created by some fortune cookies, which causes them to switch bodies, so they have to spend an indefinite amount of time in other people’s bodies, thinking who they are. .

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