Gia Virginia Chen-De Niro is the name of Robert De Niro’s seventh daughter: the actor shares a photo of his newborn and his girlfriend Tiffany Chen enjoys walking his girl through the streets of New York | People | Entertainment

Seventh born daughter Robert DeNiro When she first saw her dear mother Tiffany Sen She went for a walk with the baby NY This Wednesday.

He actor The 79-year-old shocked the world when she revealed she had a baby boy. Interview Earlier this week, it was reported Daily Mail.

Robert De Niro’s seventh daughter is pictured with her mother, Tiffany Chen

The famous Hollywood actor shared a photo of his new daughter with journalist Gayle King, and three days later revealed what surprised everyone: that he is a father again at the age of 79, he published. Page Six.

But it wasn’t just the picture, De Niro gave more details, saying it was a girl named Gia Virginia Sen-De Niro, who they said was 1 month old.

The reporter on “CBS Mornings” also pointed out that the girl was Tiffany Chen, who was born on April 6, 2023, weighing 3 kg 700 grams.

Paparazzi provided additional photos of the last heir of the American artist. Robert De Niro’s newborn baby walked the streets of New York with his mother, dressed in a pink dress and wrapped in a white blanket, as Tiffany took the baby out in a stroller.

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Tiffany was also spotted pushing a stroller with baby while sunbathing in the Big Apple. In another moment, Chen is seen holding the girl to his chest all day and enjoying the novelty maternity.

News of the actor expanding his legacy may have come as a surprise to fans, De Niro said Page Six Not surprisingly, he is a father again in that event Pregnancy His girlfriend Tiffany Chen, 45, “planned.”

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“I’m cool with it,” the actor said when asked if he was excited, and commented that being a parent is “not easy.”

Love between Robert De Niro and Tiffany Chen

Robert De Niro and his partner Tiffany Chen Photo taken Holding hands in July 2021, she was pregnant when she left Giorgio Balti in March this year. Santa Monica, California.

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It should be noted that “The Godfather” actor has six other children; Traina, 51, and Rafael, 46, with his ex-wife Diane AbbottElliott, 25, and Helen, 11, with his ex-wife Grace Hightowerand twins Aaron and Julian, 27, with his ex-girlfriend, Dookie Smith. (and)

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