They are currently capturing the look of a new star from Puerto Rico

A star explosion, discovered on August 8 in the constellation Obi-Wan or Obi-Wan, caused a double or binary star to be seen by telescopes, suddenly now visible to the naked eye from dark places.

It is “RS Ophiuchi”, a star approximately 5,200 light-years away, and one of a dozen stars that erupted with interest on several occasions, so it is classified as a “continuous nova”.

This occurs when a white dwarf star orbits a red giant star very closely, and when some layer of gas moves from the larger star or reaches the smaller star, the accumulation of gases causes a “nova”, i.e. an explosion. Then the Caribbean Astronomical Society (SAC) explained that the brightness of the star from Earth appears to be suddenly increasing.

A photo taken by SAC’s Efron Morales from Aguadilla – now showing the brightest star – can now be seen without optical assistance.

“It will be visible as an obvious‘ new star ’for days or weeks,” the organization said.

The educational institution “RS Ophiuchi” pointed out that the dark side of the south, visible to the naked eye at 9:00 pm.

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