Laura Bosso promises that being in prison will endanger her life

Mexico City.

Laura Bosso He asked a federal judge to suspend a court order to enter the prison in Santiaguito, Mexico.

Driving He argued that he was suffering from severe lung disease, 70 years old and Imprisonment can endanger your life.

Poso presented an amber against the detainee Justification forced him to voluntarily Prison Yesterday at 4:00 pm, in a process that started The offense of unfaithful deposits.

The claimant has been asked to suspend the law … as a result, the plaintiff is in their present condition. Laura Cecilia Posso Continue to enjoy your freedom and reasonable precautionary measures have not been taken, “he said in his case, according to court records.

Last Wednesday, Daniel Rameres Pena, a controlling judge at the Federal Criminal Justice Center in Almolo de Juarez, joined the process. Poso He was given reasonable detention for the crime of unfaithful deposit and, considering that he was in danger of escaping.

A Poso He is accused of selling a house in La Heratura that was seized by the SA, along with guaranteeing a tax loan of more than 13 million pesos.

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