More than 50 killed in train crash in Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan.

At least 51 Members The National Fire Department said the dead and more than 140 injured were taken to hospital Taiwan. Authorities said the crash may have been caused by a maintenance vehicle falling down a ledge and colliding with a train just before entering the subway near the coastal town of Julian.

“There was a vehicle Construction It did not stop properly, it slipped on the railroad tracks, “Hoolian County Police Chief Chai Ding-hsian told reporters.

“It is suspected that the driver did not pull enough on the handbrake, so the vehicle fell 20 meters on the rail,” Feng Hui-sheng, deputy director of the Taiwan Railway Authority, told reporters.

Local media photos taken at the scene showed the back of a yellow flatbed truck that overturned near the train. His office said President Tsai Ing-wen had ordered hospitals to be prepared to receive multiple victims.

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“Helping trapped people is now a priority,” his office said in a statement. The accident happened at 09:30 (01:30 GMT) on the eastern line of Taiwan.

Images released by local media outlet UTN showed the front of the train inside the tunnel I was devastated. The Taiwan Red Cross also released pictures of lifeguards wearing helmets and flashing lights on the roof of a wrecked train inside a tunnel to reach survivors.

“Sudden Violent Tremor”

Finished by the passengers in the back of the convoy Come out relatively unscathed Accident. “Suddenly I felt like I had a violent impact and fell to the ground,” one woman told the television network. “We climbed on the roof of the train and broke the window to get out.”

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The accident coincides with the annual cemetery cleaning holiday, the start of a long holiday week that fills the country’s longest roads and railroads.

During this period, residents usually return to their hometowns to clean the graves of their relatives and make offerings. The Eastern Taiwan Railway is a major tourist attraction as it runs along its magnificent and sparsely populated east coast.

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The wind blows through the mountains and spectacular valleys before descending through the Huatong Valley through many tunnels and bridges. Friday’s crash was one of the worst railway disasters in Taiwan.

The last big track was flooded Going to 2018, When 18 people died at the southern end of the same line. The driver of the eight-car train was charged with negligent murder. More than 200 of the 366 passengers were injured.

The accident was the worst since 1991, when two trains collided in Miaoli, killing 30 passengers and injuring 112 others. The Apple Daily reported that the worst accident on the island in 1948 and killed 64 people.

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