There was no sign of a private Japanese mission to land on the moon

Tokyo Japan.

Japanese work Hakuto-R That should have gone down on this Tuesday Lunar surface As of now, the subsequent control center has not been contacted land, The fate of this individual study is therefore uncertain.

Company space, The person in charge of the project released a statement that read, “For the time being, the control center Hakuto-R mission Inside Nihonbashi (Tokyo) Success could not be guaranteed Mole Lander”, our ship to explore Satellite.

According to the visible countdown on the day, the mission should have reached its destination at 16:41 GMT. Retransmission Live in giving A Japanese company.

In the absence of news, Special Engineers Continue to work to ensure the current status of “in operations Lander. More information on his condition will be announced as soon as it becomes available. available”, Add a statement.

A signal from the probe was expected to take a few minutes receivedBut the plant and the Strain The room is increasing, so the company decided cut In a while the Retransmission Stay tuned for more details.

After about 20 minutes, Space A spokeswoman said they kept in touch and they were in touch the ship Until a few minutes ago Moon landing But eventually it was lost. “We cannot specify andLanding In Lunar surface“, said.

The committee is still investigating Work status The same spokesperson highlighted the success of their establishment connection With the ship in the last minutes before that landingHowever “now we have lost touch,” he said.

We will never give up

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Despite the serious faces of the team, it was the public that followed landing, The spokesperson said: “We are very proud of the many things we have achieved with this task, Got the data a few minutes ago The Moon Landing”.

“It’s a great achievement Two Future Tasks”, He announced and thanked all the employees and their families who have contributed to this mission since the inception of the company. Stakeholders are customers And others are involved. “We will continue and we will never give up.”

A Japanese company Space The first isFor personal signatureTo the world I planned Landing a ship In the moon

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) jointly launched a similar mission. NASA Last November, it was also disconnected after a day launch.

The Hakuto-R Lunar Probe thrown overboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket From Cape Canaveral (Florida, USA) last December.

At about 2.3 meters high and 2.6 meters long, it carries the tiny exploration robot it has created. Jaxa and Japanese company Tomi, which also designed the lunar rover United Arab States.

The purpose of the first Hakuto-R mission To test the technologies The pedigree and maneuverability of their devices and their ability to maintain communication and its function are considered successful. descending; have to wait.

Founded in 2010, Space Defines itself as a “global” company “Expand the projectta” and “expand the future” based on specific actions such as providing high-frequency, low-cost transportation services between Earth and the Moon.

The company has offices Japan, Luxembourg and the United States, and has joint projects NASA and European Space Agency.

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Tough week

The as-yet-undecided target of this Japanese mission is set to end a difficult week Space exploration.

On April 20, the big rocket SpaceX spacecraftTexas (USA) exploded in the sky minutes after takeoff, about to make its first combined test flight.

This initiator of the company Elon Musk Astronauts are scheduled to return to the moon one day for the first time in more than half a century. EFE

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