“Teresa y Ángel” is the new multipurpose room at Espacio FITZA in honor of Teresa Ramos and Ángel Latos

With the aim of honoring the great theater heroes of our city, the multi-purpose room of Espacio FITZA was inaugurated with the name “Sala Teresa y Ángel”, as a kind of recognition of the Antofagasta actors Ángel Lattus and Teresa Ramos.

A tribute to two artists associated for more than 60 years with the theater in the city, and they are already an essential part of the theatrical and cultural history of the north of our country. This room has been completely renovated thanks to the initiative of the Pedro de la Barra Cultural Art Association and the support of Seremi de las Culturas, las Artes y Patrimonio de la Región de Antofagasta, which will be used for various artistic activities in the area.

Teresa Ramos Ramírez, Actress and Producer of FITZA, Zicosur International Theater Festival, who has led a phenomenal career with actor Ángel Latos in the Pedro de la Barra Artistic Cultural Group, spoke about the honor.

“It was really a surprise, I didn’t expect it, I went to the opening of the room and I never thought it would have our name on it, but it was a great detail and this recognition is very important to us, which comes from people very close, the whole team that is currently working in the FITZA space,” He said.

“But what is more important is the inauguration of this small pocket room, which will be a special contribution to the society of Antofagasta, being another dream come true, so the long life of the Pedro Cultural Artistic Group de la Barra and that these types of activities continue,” the actress from Antofagasta noted .

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The actors are known not only regionally, but also nationally and internationally in the world of theater and the arts, as the opening of this auditorium only confirms the contribution to the performing arts and the history of theater in the Antofagasta region.

While Daniel Latos Ramos, representative and coordinator of Espacio FITZA, commented on this family feat, in honor of the outstanding regional actors.

“Our family is filled with pride and a lot of passion to have this space, on behalf of these parents, who are also artistic parents to many artists in the region, which we see all of this with gratitude, as it is a sign of confidence in what the group is doing and recognition of its path,” said Latos.

The following plans for “Sala Teresa y Ángel” are related to the culture and the entire disposition of the artistic community of Antofagasta, the region and the country, to present performances in small forms of fine, musical, audiovisual and history will soon announce the launch of the Festival of Monologues, which will be inspired by the theme of the fiftieth anniversary of the coup, in addition to Activities that can be programmed with the artists in a certain way, as it will be available to all kinds of artistic events.

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