An ecological disaster has been created in Bucharest. In 30 years, we have lost about 1,700 hectares of green spaces and the level of pollution has increased due to traffic.

♦ There are more than thirty deaths a day in the Capital due to air pollution. ♦ Some infrastructure works in the city and on the outskirts have not made traffic more efficient, but they have complicated it.

The way in which public administrations acted, considers Dan Trifu, president of the Eco-Civica Foundation, led to the creation of an ecological disaster in the Capital, since the number of green spaces decreased, traffic pollution values ​​increased and many Constructions were developed in areas with an already too high density.

Thus, according to his subjects, in the last thirty years some 1,700 hectares of green spaces have been lost, and according to studies there are, on average, thirty daily deaths in Bucharest due to atmospheric pollution.

“We are entering the new year with an extremely high level of pollution. The capital city council continues to deal with the problems and it is not a day that we do not have excesses in air pollution. We frequently exceed PM 10 and, finally, the Romanian state had to admit a large number of deaths due to pollution. We have some extremely serious problems due in large part to hellish traffic. With the development of traffic at unprecedented rates, we managed to lose half of the capital’s green space in thirty years Green space should have compensated for more than half of these values, and its lack is manifested in the large number of diseases and exceedances of values. We are in a situation of ecological disaster in Bucharest “, said Dan Trifu, president of the Foundation. Eco-Civica, during the ZF Live online business fair.

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