Nadia Komenesi, the victim of Donald Trump. “I love you, but you were fired!” | Video

US billionaire and US President Donald Trump performed a celebrity reality show in 2008 and Nadia Komenesi was his “victim”.

Although he declared himself a fan of Nadia Kominesi, Office of the President of the United States, Donald Trump removed her from the second episode of the reality show Former best gymnast of Romania.

Also, Donald Trump also had a message for Nadia Komenesi, declaring him “a leader in the game”, but he could not believe his plan.

Nadia Commonsi, Donald Trump’s “victim” in 2008

“Nadia, I’m a big fan, I ‘ve seen you win the Olympics, I’ ve seen you win so many tournaments. You ‘re amazing. A competitor at the highest level. You’ re a leader in the game. I love you, but you were fired “, Donald Trump told a former gymnast from Romania.

After the removal of Donald Trump and the end of the show, Nadia Komanesi told NBC: “I don’t think I deserve to be eliminated. I can be important to the team. I’m disappointed, but I know all the prizes will go to charity.”

In 2017, Nadia Komenaci accused Donald Trump

“I hope the game doesn’t hurt. I see the game breaking down barriers by uniting people. I saw this. I made friends through the game. I don’t see the game as any policy. This is what people do. Through their success they get the opportunity to travel and meet others. My husband Bart Connor. I met because of sports. Living in Romania, I could never have imagined that I would marry someone who actually lived far away, abroad, on the other side of the world. ”, Said the former world champion.

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