News about Netflix in December: New series and movies with Meryl Streep and Gary Oldman

“Lack”, Directed by David Pincher, starring Gary Oldman as the controversial screenwriter who wrote “Citizen Kane” for Orson Welles, to be released on December 4th, and “Prom”, A music directed by Ryan Murphy starring Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and James Gordon, will be available from December 11th.

„Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”, The latest film starring Viola Davis and Chadwick Bosman will be available from December 18, Mid the Midnight SkyThe new SF production will make its debut on December 23 with director and protagonist George Clooney, and the vintage series “Bridgeton” produced by Shonda Rhymes on December 25, starring Adjova Ando and Julie Andrews.

On December 1st, the animated Netflix product will be released „Angela’s Christmas Wishes”. Determined, Angela leaves to reunite her family for Christmas and then makes plans to move from Ireland to Australia.

New series on Netflix

First New Series of the Month “Do To Soul Soul La La Soul ”, Released on December 3rd. A rich pianist loses everything except a smile, but the bright stars lead her to a small town where she finds hope, home and love.

It will start on the same day “Private life”. In a world where information is no longer private, a few fraudsters expose a horrific surveillance system and greedy company run by the government.

Show “Selena”, Based on the life of Mexican singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez, who died in 1995, will be released on December 4.

Another new series “Alice in Borderland” – About a young man interested in video games that has arisen in the bizarre version of Tokyo, where he and other spectators compete in deadly games for survival – will be released on December 10th.

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It will be released on December 11th “The confusion you leave behind”, Which focuses on a teacher who starts working in a high school, but is hunted down by a suspicious death a few weeks ago.

An outstanding student from an elite ballet school in Chicago is expelled from the program, and his alternative enters a world of lies, betrayal and fierce competition. This is the plot of the new series “Little beautiful things”, Which debuted on December 14th.

From December 16, it will be available Christmas How to destroy Christmas: wedding ”. Tumi’s hunting daughter returns home for the holidays and thwarts her sister’s wedding plans. She needs to get things right before it’s too late.

“Happy Home” Joins the list of new topics. Terrible monsters threaten, threaten humanity, and a young man with problems and inner demons becomes the only hope for the survival of the neighbors. The series starts on December 18th.

On New Year’s Day, it is the debut “Equinox”. In 1999, a young Astrid bus full of students went missing. In 2020, he tries to solve the mystery, but ends up changing the past.

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