10 Most Powerful Quotes From Shakira’s Interview With N+

(CNN Spanish) — In Shakira’s interview with Mexican journalist Enrique Acevedo, she talks about how music restored her after her breakup with former player Gerard Piqué, leaving several sentences about her recovery process and her music.

Best quotes from Shakira’s interview

The Colombian translator talks about love (in all its aspects) in his songs, because one of them can help someone.

“I think art has a function not only to make people uncomfortable, but also to represent individuality, and I’ve always felt that I can through my songs, and I think I have an obligation to use my voice and give it. Let’s speak to those who don’t have it.”

Her songs speak for themselves

“In my lyrics, in my songs in general, in my music, they are more verbal than I am. I’ve always tried to be anything but honest with my music, and use my music as a catharsis, a therapy. My songs can be the best therapy. They are more useful than going to a psychologist, psychoanalyst.

About having a family to feel complete as a woman

“I also bought the story that a woman needs a man to complete herself and a family. I had that dream too, where the children were a family with father and mother under one roof. Not all dreams come true in life, but life will find a way to compensate you in some way, and I think it did with me with these two wonderful, wonderful children who fill me with love every day.

Shakira has depended on men

“I’ve always been emotionally dependent on men.”

About his self-worth after his relationship ended

“Now I feel complete, because I feel dependent on myself, and I have two children who depend on me, so I have to be stronger than a lion.”

“When a woman faces life’s onslaughts she emerges stronger, she emerges stronger because you learn to recognize your weaknesses, accept your vulnerability and express yourself I am enough for myself today. I feel that pain.”

About fighting for your relationship

“That strength has to be real and a face, it has to be strong as a result of going through a fight, accepting it, understanding it, tolerating frustration, that there are things in life that don’t happen the way you want them, there are broken dreams, and you pick up little pieces from the ground and pick yourself up.” To be rebuilt.”

Her collaboration with Bisrap was significant for Shakira

“I think someone should take a photo of the day I worked Session 53 with Bizarrap, one in front and one in back. I entered the studio one way and left another. That’s one of the things I’m most grateful to Pisa for giving me that place and that opportunity. Yes, it was a great outlet, essential, for my own healing and my own recovery process. If I didn’t have that song, I think I would be in a very different place, the opportunity to express myself, to think about pain.

His fans: His biggest support

“I felt the support of my audience. I never expected them to be so key for me. When I was on the floor, when I was on the floor (I was on the floor for a long time) they helped me up. , they gave me strength and courage to stand up and do well. Tell me, I’m ready for the next round, show me what’s left.”

About your determination

“The hardest thing for humans to face unexpected situations is that we don’t know how we’re going to react. We don’t trust our own determination. I didn’t know I could become stronger. I always thought it was very fragile. And it’s true that I have a little bit of everything. But you have to believe in yourself.”

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