New Round of Elon Musk’s Twitter Firing: Fire 10 Percent of Employees

Twitterwhich has since been bought by tycoon Elon Musk saw its number of employees drop to a quarter of what it was a year ago, The weekend has begun A new round of layoffs affected 10% of the remaining 2,000 workersreported on Monday New York times.

The newspaper, which compared the information with many of those affected, indicates this The layoffs began on Saturday night and ended on Sundayafter several days during which some employees began seeing their Slack internal messaging service accounts cut off or their company accounts or laptops denied.

Those affected include digital data experts, product managers, and engineers responsible for configuring algorithms or maintaining various Twitter applications.

In addition, the group includes innovators of small technology companies that Twitter absorbed at the time, such as Buy Crawfordcreator of Squat (video chat app), and Haraldur ThorlevsonFounder of Uono, a digital design studio.

Crawford went viral after he was shown sleeping on the office floor as a sign of the company’s commitment to achieving his team’s goals.

Esther Crawford and the photo that boasted of sleeping on the floor of Twitter’s office

Just a week after acquiring Twitter, Elon Musk has shed nearly half of the 7,500 people who worked for the network, with batches of layoffs at the San Francisco headquarters and other locations around the world, while Hundreds of others left it voluntarily because of the erratic course they went through in those early months.

but, In November, Musk told an internal meeting that he had no plans to make any more personnel cuts.which seems to contrast with what happened over the weekend that has not been publicly explained (nor have previous rounds of layoffs).

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The social network is trying by all means to limit its losses Last November, Musk said he was losing “4 million dollars a day” because of it He closed stores, terminated contracts with service companies (cleaning, for example) f She has sold hundreds of furniture and office items at auction.

In parallel, release the call blue twitter, A paid version ($8 per month) allows users to edit their tweets or make them appear higher in the feed that others see.

Although Twitter offered no comment on the success of Twitter Blue, the idea of ​​charging for an enhanced version of the free network was picked up by Meta, which last week announced Meta Verified, enabling service improvements on Facebook and Instagram. .

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