The UCR Diversidad was presented as a new space of radicalism

In dialogue with EL CHUBUT, the president of the UCR Diversity referred to the organization as “a space in which many people who have a sensitivity are regarding everything that is diverse, to the different problems, to the different ways of thinking. and to be too ».

In addition, the organization «was formed when we spoke with the president of the provincial UCR of Chubut, Jacqueline Caminoa, we began to seek to see what was missing in the province and to begin to modernize ourselves as a party, to include all the flags and diversities within of the UCR as well ”, explained the president. For this reason “the party needed something to represent diversity, so we began to work with the UCR diversity Chubut”, added Andrea Caripán.

The UCR Diversidad Chubut is made up of its president Andrea Caripán; Rosana Uriarte, Delegate to the National Congress; Cristina Mayer, in charge of the Trelew Senior Adult Secretariat; Lautaro Ríos, Secretary of Youth; and Cristina Jara, from El Hoyo, current councilor and National Deputy Delegate.

As a space formed just two months ago, «we have a large number of projects in mind despite the issue of the pandemic, one of them is to validate our UCR Diversity statute and we are formally formed, after we also visit some cities, we were left pending Esquel and Comodoro “, said Caripán.

Also from space, their project is to be able to create a nexus with Buenos Aires to create spaces for trans schooling, as well as to establish ties with the municipalities where radicalism is the government and where to create consensus through dialogue so that the trans labor quota is regulated. .

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On the other hand, with regard to future activities, one of them is to hold a talk about young people in politics and diversities, this is an idea that is being carried out by the secretary of the UCR Diversidad, Lautaro Ríos.

The activity will be carried out respecting the sanitary protocols in the space of the organization located in Puerto Madryn which is located at Marcos A. Zar 638.

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