Javier Seriani Gustavo attacks Adolfo Infonde for interviewing Frida Sofia

There has been great controversy over that interview Gustavo Adolfo Infonde Is done Frida Sofia A few days ago, he publicly denounced his grandfather Enrique Guzman Touched her inappropriately at the age of 5, as well as several confessions about her relationship with her mother, Alejandra Guzman.

Gustavo Adolfo also had to get the Infon Critics Frida released these statements, even among those who did not see it with good eyes Defendant Enrique Guzman provided for such content.

However now it is Javier Ceriani Who tells him and He accused Frida of taking advantage of him in this interview, “Gustavo Adolfo Infonde He was one of the worst journalists with her, Generally He criticizes people, For women … and what’s more, I have records (records) of how he hurt people, women, but Frida pulls down her underwear and goes and opens up with him and says, ‘Here I am naked’. Because ‘Let me know who I am,’ she wants to say, But still She is a victim and he abuses her, He was convicted in an interview with an Argentine newspaper.

In this interview, Seriani insists that, according to him, Gustavo Adolfo did not come to work. Has dwarf values To press “So, according to Seriani, it means giving a voice to the leader of the ‘first hand’ project, the victims of certain injustices. It is a choice: (between) ego or realityHe commented.

Javier Ceriani also recalled an interview he had with his partner Elisa Peristine When Frida Sofia promised that her mother was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Christian Estrada, she commented that they could not do an interview as they wanted, Requirements From Daughter of Alejandra Guzman, So they dedicated themselves to living with her and having fun with her.

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Interview with Javier Ceriani Gustavo Adolfo Infante Frida Sofa

“We took her to fix it, we gave her a boat, Everything as she wished, But as we were about to board the boat, she asked for wine: If there was no alcohol, she would not come. We weren’t used to it, but we gave it to him We decided not to do anything to protect her, Disrespectful. We are having fun ”He announced.

The presenter of ‘Sism No Like’ continued with a few words about his current relationship with Frida Sofia, I loved Frida so much, but I knew how she was. Recently She’s trying to throw things at us, she’s like that, Like Gustavo, because it is usually so; First, he goes out and says things, and then he becomes a victim We know he is a victim, but She always opens up to abusers”, Confident.

In many cases, Gustavo Adolfo Even if it is not with him, Frida Sofia is going to scream her truth One good day, perhaps even on her own social networks, so in her case, she points out that communication is the only channel to express herself; So far he has not commented on Seriani’s words.

Interview with Javier Ceriani Gustavo Adolfo Infante Frida Sofa

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