The nurse who died in a tragic accident in La Ceba this Monday is getting married

La Ceba, Atlanta.

Eli Diocelina Truchus (24), A nursing professional, with a bright future and who lost her life early this Saturday morning Car accident In the vicinity of La Independence, I was about to get married.

His fiance was identified as an American citizen Austin Daniel, Knowing the terrible loss, could not help him to write his deepest feelings on social networks with a nostalgic message combined with love and pain.

“I never thought I would write a message like that. Today you have left this world. They say that God has a reason for everything, but I do not understand. I want you to tell me what to do. You are the woman in my dreams. ‘ No one is right, but you are right for me, but you will always be right for me, “he said on social media.

Photos: Nursing graduate and assistant nurse, victims of a tragic accident in La Ciba

“I miss you so much, I was so excited to build our lives together and have the kids we always talk to. Words can never describe how I feel. I love my love, I will never forget you, you are my first true love and will always be.” Said.

PRESS learned to be a young nurse He is getting married exactly this Monday She was married and had applied for leave at work to go on her honeymoon.

Who is her fianc who arrived in San Pedro Sula yesterday and this morning they will take him to La Ziba without imagining that he will come to his girlfriend’s uprising.

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A few days ago Eli Trochez had another road accident, leaving the street in a Genoa apartment and ending up in an empty space located in front of a Catholic church in that area. Apparently the young woman was too nervous to drive, and although the previous accident had gone through the property’s development, she was still speeding.

Eli Trucese was a deity of nursing students and graduated from the Centro Universitario Regional del Littoral Atlantico (Carla).

His death

This Saturday a graduate in nursing and an assistant nurse finally died when they were struck on the side of a bridge La Independence area. There was other death Melvin Javier Sosa (21) One-third of Ulysses Majorca was transferred to an emergency center in the area.

Three They worked in a clinic in La Ciba, They left Shift C when the car collided on the side of the bridge.

The exact cause of this road accident is currently unknown. This will be the accident division of the Directorate of National Roads and Transport (DNT), which will later determine what led to the incident.

Family members rushed to the scene of the crash to identify the two young men who died, with HAF 2314 plates on the front of the dark gray car. Paramedics, members of the fire department, the Directorate of Police Investigation (DPI) and forensic medicine came to remove the bodies.

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