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Marilyde Paulino, The reigning world champion in the 400 meters at the track and field event in BudapestHe was promoted to the post of A second lieutenant in the Dominican Republic Air Force (FARD), By order of Luis Abinador, by Minister of Defense Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa.

Pauline Received by Aviation Technical Major General Carlos Ramon Febrillet Rodríguez, General Commander of FARD.Ramón Gustavo Balance Hernández, ART, attended on behalf of the Minister of Defense, along with the Deputy Minister of Defense for Naval and Coastal Affairs.

During operation, Mariliti was awarded the Pan American Flight MedalBecause of his efficient performance as a member of FARD and international representative of the nation.

During the meeting Also present were Mencia Ortíz de Febrillet, President of the Association of Officers’ Wives (AEOFARD); Franklin de la Mota Núñez, Deputy Minister of Sports and High Performance; Ambassador Espenzel Fragoso Furcal, Director of the National Border Committee and officers of the FARD Coordination Staff.

Febrillet Rodríguez Appreciated Paulino’s dedication and commitment to his sporting career, It emphasizes that these values ​​are equally fundamental in FARD, where they work “tirelessly” to protect and serve the nation.

For its part, Paulino expressed his gratitude for the recognition from the Army High Command He highlighted the importance of working together to reinforce values ​​that drive success in personal and professional life.

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