The interim chairman of UPR is silent on the language of the university in the program of the Credit Just project

Professors and students at the University of Puerto Rico (UPRThe interim chairman of the company protested in front of the Capitol against House Bill 1003. Mera Olavaria Cruz, Endorsing the move, noting that the delegates had removed doubts about the budget actually allocated to the education center.

According to Olavarría Cruz Financial Supervision Board (JSF) and the legislature, the financial institution did not indirectly object to the $ 500 million UPR.

PC 1003, although enacting legislation to implement the Debt Reconciliation Plan (PDA), refers to the allocation of $ 500 million over the next five years. Raphael “Tatido” Hernandez, At one meeting, pointed out to him that other allocations received by the UPR, totaling $ 150 million annually, were still in effect.

“We clarify the suspicion. It adds $ 500 million to our work. We know for a fact that they are not enough, but they are constantly adding money, research and restructuring and changing UPR.“They are stopping us, they are blocking those cuts,” he added.

“This move, do you support it right now?” He was asked.

“I have come to defend the UPR budget, if possible, with the help of the legislature, to stop the cuts,” he replied.

“Do you want to recognize it?”

“Of course,” he replied. “At this point, the position they have placed us on is yes,” Olavaria Cruz said at the outset, when asked if she had approved the project.

A spokesman later said he was referring to part of the UPR.

“Some doubts arose as to whether they were going to give us $ 500 million, and it was over. We have made it clear that for the next five years of the financial plan it will be $ 500 million and the cuts will be $ 500 million as they freeze.He pointed out that the UPR budget for the next financial year, which is said to be revised as per the provisions of the UPR’s financial plan, will be $ 384 million.

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“In addition to that $ 500 million, the joint resolutions we received, the lottery and chance games (just over $ 60 million) and the seminar works, $ 20 million and grants,” said Olavaria Cruz, referring to the $ 162 million grant fund. Olavaria Cruz said the global total was $ 651 million.

Although UPR’s interim leader “$ 651 million” is not enough, PC 1003 is disabling the board’s cuts.

“It gives us some stability to follow the transformation agenda”, Olaverria Cruz said.

To questions from reporters, Olavaria Cruz noted that there are agreements between the legislature and the board to “disable” cuts to the UPR for the next five years. “First the government’s financial plan was developed, then the university.”

When asked if she knew UPR’s financial plan would be revised, Olavaria Cruz initially said she “understood” it.

“This House has given an assurance to the Legislature,” he said, noting that he would seek to confirm this information.

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