Olympia is in a relationship with Motagua and has a day to go with the leadership of the Centro Group – Ten

In close competition, the Olympiad Tied with 0-0 Mottagua And took first place in the center panel with not a day to close the regular folds.

With this decision, the Whites reached 32 points and failed to take the lead as they received a direct pass to the semifinals and team finals, where they will also face Real Spain and the ticket to the final.

The Blues were in second place with 28 points and are condemned to fight the playoffs. Now they have to wait to meet their competitor.

A brilliance from Marcelo Santos changed the course of the crowd

The fight started as everyone expected, the intensity and the two teams looking for the match goal. Diego put forward some innovations in his eleven and tried to make the whites unbalanced with the speed of Carlos “Muma” Fernandez.

In the 8th minute Roberto Morera had to change the story of the match, he got a header from Vega, but only the Paraguayan sent it out before the goal.

The match was very even, with a white defense seen with a stumble sign to prevent Muma, while white midfielder Edwin Rodriguez tried to cancel.

Everything changed in the 19th minute. Marcelo Santos dealt irresponsibly with Ever Alvarado, and the Blues were left with 10 men.

Despite staying with fewer, Diego chose to attack while maintaining an attack plan.

Shaking two points, Muma did his thing at 27 when he took a cross shot that Morera could not reach.

And on one field, Olympia began to settle on the field and take the risk towards Jonathan Rugier’s goal. Casildo had it upside down after a bad start from the goalkeeper.

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Some shocks on filling

For the second half, Diego brought in Kevin Lopez, Ivan Lopez, Gonzalo Klusner and Baron Mundes, but his team lacked masculinity.

Kevin hit the crossbar at 46 with a free kick. After that, his shots were misplaced.

Troclio renewed the squad and also brought in Josman Fikurova, Jose Mario Pinto and Johnny Leverkusen. At 60, Debbie stole a ball, toured the field and exchanged it with Cyrinos, who tried to do something and wasted it.

In the end Motakuwa finished the game with 9 runs for Kevin Lopez’s double yellow.


Olympiad: Edrik Menzver, Mailer Nice, Elvin Oliva, Jonathan Boss, Ever Alvarado; Debbie Flores, German Magia, Edwin Rodriguez, Michael Cyrinos; Jerry Benson and Eustin Arpoleda. DT: Pedro Troclio.

At least.65
Enter: Josman Fikurova
Off: Michael Cyrinos

Enter: Jose Mario Pinto
Off: Edwin Rodriguez

At least. 72
Enter: Johnny Lever
Sale: Alvarado always

Motagua: Jonathan Rogier, Christopher Melandes, Marcelo Pereira, Juan Pablo Montes, Marcelo Santos, Wesley Decas; Matthias Calvallis, Juan Delcado, Carlos Fernandez, Marco Vega and Roberto Morera. DT: Diego Vasquez.

At least.46
Enter: Kevin Lopez
Off: Carlos “Muma” Fernandez

At least. 66
Enter: Ivan Lopez
Sale: Roberto Morera

At least. 78
Enter: Baron Mundes
Off: Matthias Calvallis

Entry: Gonzalo Klusner
For Sale: Marco Vega

At least. 90 + 2
Enter: Sergio Pen
Off: Juan Delcado

Yellow: Roberto Morera, Carlos Fernandez, Matthias Calvallis, Debbie Flores, Christopher Melandes, Kevin Lopez and Elvin Casildo.

Red: Marcelo Santos m. 19 and Kevin Lopez min. 88.

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