The Story of a Goal .. Ahmed Bati’s Shell Restores Al-Ahli’s Hope to Win the 2008-2009

Ahmed Bati’s goal against Al-Jais’ 2008-2009 season gave Al-Ahly a confidence boost in the league title. When the Red Genies beat Al-Tale 3-1, the events of the match came together late at the Army College Grounds after a delay in the 51st minute. God, so Mohammad Abu Trika scored the equalizer in the 66th minute, then Ahmed Bati scored the fighting goal in the 92nd minute, and Mohammad Dalat in the 94th minute..

Following the match, the tournament team played a decisive match between Al-Ahly and Al-Ismaili to determine the league champions. The match took place at Al-Max Stadium in Alexandria, with Al-Ahly winning 1-0 with Angolan leader Amoto Flavio in Al-Ahly’s history. Crowned the sons of Red Fort..

Al-Ahly and Al-Jaish signed the last league matches in the 2008-2009 season, and the Dalai Lama Al-Jaish team, led by their coach Farooq Zafar, defended with all their might. Abu Trika scored an amazing goal in the 66th minute..

Ever since Al-Ahly pressed the winning goal and sent it to Mohamed Talat, I reached out to Ahmed Bathi, who deceived the defender and headed the ball towards the goal, instead of appearing after the end of the original game time in the third minute of the calculated time..

Before the end of the match, striker Mohamed Talat scored the third goal for Al-Ahly, playing a decisive match against Ismail and winning the league title in favor of the Red Fort..

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