How will Queen Elizabeth celebrate her 95th birthday? Coins with your photo

Queen Elizabeth’s upcoming birthday party will not be like her previous holidays, Queen Elizabeth will turn 95 next April, to be the first British queen to reach this age during her reign, according to a report posted on the website. . People .

Queen Elizabeth

The Queen’s 95th birthday will feature a new commemorative coin, according to a recent announcement by the Royal Mint, as it featured a 5-pound piece featuring the queen’s face, which is generally reserved for extremely rare royal occasions.

Coins with the face of Queen Elizabeth
Coins with the face of Queen Elizabeth

The coin also contains an engraved quote, stating ‘ my heart and my devotionTo his first Christmas TV movie title from 1957, where he used these words to communicate with his people.

It is reported that since the Queen’s reign began in 1952, her face appeared on five coins that were circulating throughout the country, the Royal Mint will issue a series of new coins in 2021, in addition to the new coins to commemorate to the Queen, the year 2021 will also contain In other coins minted with famous British faces.

The Royal Mint said that our commemorative coins are a special opportunity to celebrate the people and events who have made a very important contribution to the UK and beyond.

In 2021, Britain will also celebrate Scottish novelist Sir Walter Scott, who made history come alive, and John Logie Baird, who made television and science fiction a reality.

And since many celebrations have been canceled since the start of the pandemic, Queen Elizabeth’s new coins may have to replace scheduled parties and tours.

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