Netflix removes Xia Lopez from ad for Peace of Woman after accusing him of assaulting his girlfriend

Ihab Al Masri

Wednesday, 06 January 2021 – 16:15

Shia LaBeouf’s name has been removed from promotional material for the new Netflix movie Pieces of a Woman, and his ex – girlfriend FKA Twix last month sued, accusing him of “relentlessly abusing her.”

Delete the name and photo of Xia Lapib

The 34-year-old actor is set to star in the film, which is scheduled to release on the airwaves tomorrow, January 7th, which is a huge success.

Vanessa Kirby, who co-starred with LaBeouf in the film, has already won the Best Actress award at the Venice Film Festival and is now expected to be nominated for an Academy Award, along with her mother Ellen Burstein, who was previously expected to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Removed from film summary.

Now the name and face of the star seems to have been completely erased from the latest Netflix ads promoting the movie, page six reports.

An advertisement posted on Twitter by a Netflix film account on December 22, but recently advertised, “Vanessa Kirby and Ellen Burstein star in Peace of Woman, a story about the love and loss of a mother, on Netflix on January 7”, not her pictures in the trailer, Not to mention his role in the film as well, however, one scene actually shows Kirby staring at Lafayette, who seems to have been cut out in the new photo.

The most false accusations against Zia Lafeef

As the summary puts it: “Martha (Vanessa Kirby) and Sean are a Boston couple who are on the verge of becoming fathers and their lives are irreversibly changed when the home birth ends in unimaginable tragedy.

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LaFife’s name is not listed next to his character, and Netflix did not comment, and actress FKA Twix – whose real name is Debrett Bornett – filed a lawsuit against him in December after LaBeef was publicly removed from any promotional material for the film. சாட்டினார். Emotional stress.

In her case, Twigs accused LaBeouf of deliberately hurting her and abusing her during their relationship.

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