In easy steps .. How to activate iPhone without iCloud

How to activate iPhone without any cloud is one of the most common issues with company devicesCamel “A wide range of its users forget the password for the iCloud account, which makes it difficult for owners of iPhones and iPad tablets to re-open the device in any way when they are forced to buy a new phone, instead you can easily activate the iPhone without iCloud.

How to activate iPhone without any cloud

The iCloud account is one of the subscriptions to the services provided to Apple users IPhone phones, Which is a cloud storage service that stores and organizes your company’s data and files for free on US company’s servers and retrieves them when needed.

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If you enter the wrong password for your iCloud account multiple times, your iPhone will not be able to open it, which will eventually lead to the closure.

There are several solutions to activate your iPhone without iCloud, which usually help restore phone access:

First: Remember Password:

1. You can go to the browser settings and then open the Security and Passwords section, where all the passwords you used in the past will appear, and you can easily find the iCloud password there.

2. If you use Google Chrome, go to the Saved Passwords option and you will see the password if you have saved your iCloud account.

Second: Using iTunes:

1. Install iTunes with dr.fone file recovery program.

2. Back up your locked iPhone data using dr.fone or iTunes, enter the Summary section and then click Sync.

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3. Press the Reset iPhone button and the program will start to reset your phone to its factory state.

4. When you restore your phone settings by selecting Restore from iTunes Backup, select the device that will restore the backup from iTunes and the phone will automatically start restoring all data.

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