Newji is an iPhone app that lets you create your own emojis using the power of AI

Newji only allows 20 prompts without paying, you have to watch ads if you want to get credits.

The NewG app is only available for iPhone users

The first emojis were created in 1999, when Japanese Shigetaka Kurita designed a set of 12 x 12 pixels with 176 emojis, commissioned by the phone company NTT Docomo. However, it wasn’t until recently More than a decade ago, emojis began to have dedicated keyboards Among all platforms, it reached Apple in 2011 and Android two years later. Today, thanks to the power of AI, we can create our own emojis.

A few years ago, you might have thought your mom would never use emoji…but there she is, constantly sending crying baby faces with laughter. truly, 92% of the population uses emojis to communicate todayAccording to Unicode, an international character coding system designed to facilitate computer processing of text in multiple languages.

with More than 3,600 emoticons are included on the most popular meta messaging siteThere are so many that we can think of in practice that it is sometimes difficult to know the meaning of emojis in WhatsApp.

Nuji lets you create emojis directly from iMessage or WhatsApp

The curious world of emojis takes a step forward with the arrival of Nuji, which lets you unleash your creativity and create your own emojis powered by AI. Its function is very high Intuitively, write your idea in the floating text that appears on the home pageIn the free space between “create”. […] An emoji”.

The more specific the message, the more likely it is to succeed. Although no more than 500 characters are allowed, your creation will be. If you don’t like the result obtained, you can ask the application to do so. Try again via “Reroll” buttonMeans “throw back” in Spanish.

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Of course, you have to remember that it only provides 20 free triesAnd if they run out, you’ll have two options to continue using the app: Watch a 30 second ad to get credit, that’s one try, or pay to get loans. If you can’t stand advertising, choose the last option, these NewG rates:

  • 20 credits: 2 euros (€0.10 each).
  • 50 credits: 4 euros (€0.08 each).
  • 150 credits: 10 euros (€0.07 each).
  • 300 credits: 19 euros (€0.06 each).
  • 999 credits: 35 euros (€0.04 each).

Another advantage of NewGi is that it allows you to create emojis from within the app itself You can create them directly from iMessage or WhatsAppThis is very convenient to avoid importing emoji from one platform to another. Available for iPhone users onlyIf you want to add it to this app, you need to update the operating system to iOS 17.

App Store | NewG (Free)

According to its developers, Ryan McLeod and Robert Long, NewG isn’t a perfect app, but it’s fun. Although it’s not even a month old yet, since it launched on November 14th, they have future plans in mind for it: possibly including Turn a photo into an emoji or one created in little yellow circlesAmong others are the classic faces we all know.

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