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President Luis Abinador indicated that the budget for the damage caused by the rain last Saturday the 18th, including the Ministry of Public Works, is more than 8,000 million pesos.

“Without Public Works, I don’t know of any other company that would be missing, and we already were Over eight billion pesos“Abinader said during his regular meeting with the press at the National Palace.

The President explained that the MOPC has asked for its budget until next Wednesday.

That way, he explained, the amount requested by the companies would not be given because they could “give eight thousand or say it’s not urgent, we’re going to do this.”

The state leader recalled that the government’s budget expires in December, so they give priority. Emergencies and care for those most affected by rationing Food, medicine and aid in general, and “see what it’s like in January and February.”

Abinadar highlighted that they have built about 50 kilometers of canyons in Greater Santo Domingo, however, one of the details is whether these works will be included in the emergency budget or later budgets.

“In those valleys where no work has been done, all the houses were damaged by the water,” he said.

Storm Drainage Scheme

The President announced that in the next 15 days the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewer Corporation (Caasd) will present a plan for integrated storm and sanitary drainage in Greater Santo Domingo.

A project that cannot be done by a government in four years. And this is a project that, due to the amount of investment, I think should be implemented within eight to 12 years, but I want it to be approved by the entire community and political leadership,” Abinathar assured.

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