Draymond Green’s sharp response to Rudy Gobert’s criticism after he choked him in an NBA game

Draymond Green talks about the episode where he choked out a rival

Last week this episode was affecting NBA: The central division of Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green, He hanged the warrior Minnesota Timberwolves, Rudy Gobert, who was very critical of him at the press conference. Following these comments, Green After knowing him he replied in the conference Five match ban And he will stop receiving an estimated $770,000 from his salary For missing these appointments. The 33-year-old defended his reaction this Monday and had an acidic response to Gobert’s comments.

The center judged Green’s actions: “It’s funny because before the game, I told myself that if Steph didn’t play, Draymond would try to take him out. Because Every time Steph doesn’t play, he doesn’t want to play. This is clownish behavior. I pride myself on being a great person again and again. Yes, he is not even worthy to lay my hands on him.

It should be remembered that Gobert wanted to separate Clay Thompson And Jaden McDanielsThe visiting team’s offense was holding their shirts after the game. Green pounced on him and put a lock on his neck. Commonly found in mixed martial arts or contact sports. Finally, the judges decided to separate and evict the three involved Rudy Gobert of the situation.

Draymond Green talks about the episode where he choked out a rival

“I don’t live my life with regrets. I come to the defense of a teammate. Anytime. That’s what a team is all about. I pride myself on being a good teammate,” Green said. “That’s at the top of my list, being on a good team,” he insisted. , and promised: “It takes care of a lot of things. I am proud of that.

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Regarding the criticism he received, he pointed out: “You hear some people’s opinions, but I think for myself, that’s what matters.” Later, when asked about Gobert’s comment, he said: “It’s 2023. You see this every day, what do I say about him? “No idea,” he shot back.

NBA officials said in their statement that green “Contributed to fueling an argument on the field”, and expressed their reaction “An unsportsmanlike and dangerous catch” on the neck Rudy Gobert.

Draymond Green’s wrestling move

Remember that it is Draymond Green’s fifth suspension of his career, as he was embroiled in many controversies during his campaign in the world’s most important basketball league. The NBA also indicated that his history related to unsportsmanlike conduct had an impact when determining his eligibility to serve.

After the scandal, the Chief Arbiter Tyler Ford He spoke to the media Athletic And justified the ejections: “Both players (Thompson and McDaniels) were involved in an altercation that was not immediately resolved and their actions necessitated the ejection.” He noted of Green: “He aggressively put Gobert on a pillow and refused to leave. This is unnecessary and excessive conduct that meets the 2″ standard of plain wrongdoing.

The tournament was similar to the NBA’s in-season tournament, the tournament The NBA just premiered and experiments with mirror form. It’s a hit with the audience 104-101 of The Wolves have a 2-1 recordas well as WarriorsBoth are in Group C of the West.

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