Achieve the Atlas Miracle and become the champion of Liga MX: Cocca

22 years ago He said Atlas did not make it to the finals, Curiously it was the same year Diego Coca came in red and black. Now that he is making history as a coach, he has not hidden the excitement of being before a degree.

He recalled his blow as a player Started at Winter 1999 With a leading atlas, but I know he fell out of the way, put to life today Revenge from the bench.

I feel so happy and proud, I said long ago that I lived in the club Wonderful things, a The winning club, That Played by Libertadores, Who finished the leader, who played in the semifinals, who filled the pitches and The city was full of atlas shirts. Tonight was a dreamy night, everything that happened, the Atlas is going to play in the final, The stadium was overflowing, people left happily, I’m happy, I’m proud, ” he said.

A final is coming, it makes you very excited, We are going to heal today, we are going to enjoy today, we know, we still have a joke. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.Said Diego Coca.

The Red and black From Summer99 They did not reach the Liga MX final, In well MX file They did it 2013 Where Fell Fine with him Morelia.

“I do not know, I feel what I am telling you, Today I am proud of my team that played in the final And anything can happen in the final, and today we reach the highest goal of reaching the final We are one step away from achieving something historically significant In this club it is historically serious. We know what the city is like and how it is People, it’s up to us, we’re not going to relax“We are going to have fun playing back in the final, which Atlas did not dispute for many years,” he conceded.

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Everything agreed For The series opens in Lyon on Thursday And To close The Sunday At Jalisco Stadium, This day was full and with great support.

We have things clear, The joy we gave to the people, we know how hard it is to reach the final. We trust ourselves, in our work, In the domain we proposed. Then, football as it is today, There was clear competition for what could happen, One team that surpassed the other, in statistics we outperformed them in everything, in anything, but we lost, ”he said.

So is football. We’re going to leave what we can handle on the field and move on. NOr I doubt my team will leave everything in court. People know. On Sunday, there is no doubt that my team is going to send the same. If the person above helps us, we can achieve a miracleDiego Coca sentenced about Atlas.

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