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  • This outreach activity will be held on Thursday, December 9 and Friday, December 10 from 6:00 p.m., with free admission..
  • There will be telescopes, games and scientific experiments and a technological exhibition of robotics, programming and Augmented Reality

The next Thursday 9 and Friday 10 December from 6:00 p.m., different outreach activities will be developed within the Science and Technology Experience under the Stars at Kempes Park.

In that place, a proposal will be offered that includes access to scientific knowledge and knowledge, as well as the possibility of carrying out technological experiences in a fun and interactive way.

This initiative, carried out jointly by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Córdoba Tourism Agency, it will be with access free and free.

The activities

The Science and Technology Under the Stars experience includes:

Kermés of Science and Technology: It is a proposal for scientific and technological dissemination based on games and observation. They are interactive activities related to science and technology productions, which include:

Traveling laboratory: An interactive space to carry out experiments in physics, chemistry, biology, geology and pose and solve fun math problems.

ExpoTech: It is an exhibition and workshop where objects and applications related to programming, automation and robotics are shown. The activity is aimed at generating interest and developing skills to start programming simple events and learn about objects related to robotics, home automation and computer science.

Also, there will be a planted with telescopes, where you can see and know what the Cordovan sky is like on a summer night.

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All these activities will be accompanied by “MOVI”, a character who will make us live an experience of augmented reality.


  • Science and Technology under the stars
  • Thursday 9 and Friday 10/12 – From 6:00 p.m.
  • Kempes Park
  • Free and open access

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