Leticia Calderon’s son promotes Down Syndrome community with a message of love

In case International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Called the product of Cell El Sol Leticia Calderon And to give his 17-year-old son Luciano a speech, the actress’ son in Down Syndrome ended up giving an emotional speech to all of the drivers and spectators. I asked them not to feel sorry for them because they only want respect.

During the participation, the actress confirmed it Before her son arrived, she had no idea what Down Syndrome was. He even confirmed that he thought it could be removed, but now, 17 years later, enjoying a person’s pure love, he regrets that no school in the country has received this disability.

“I think we’ve got a little more awareness of what disability is from Teleton, but we as a country do not have a lot. There is great ignorance and it works because we should not know everything openly., The Mexican actress began her speech in which she said that thanks to a program for people with disabilities, her son could graduate from university, thereby fulfilling his dream of becoming a doctor, biologist or lawyer. Her future is not yet defined.

An emotional moment

After talking about the situation in the country and their son’s future, they gave them a face-to-face meeting where he made clear to him the love he had for her, believing that he could fulfill his dream. ; But tomorrow he hopes to be able to show who he really is and all his abilities. Another important thing is that he believes that tomorrow companies will give him the opportunity to work.

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“In one way or another we all have different abilities and disabilities and You are so different and special, I love you because you are different, you are less because you are differentYou are more, ”said the Mexican actress.

When he talked about Down Syndrome, he said it really should be called love syndrome because they are one of the most loving, most sensitive people. Then he remembered his son’s words, they were so smart, he did not have to feel sorry for them, But respect for him and those with all disabilities.

“Down syndrome is a boon. I wish all families had the opportunity to get someone with Down Syndrome In their lives, this world will be really different, it’s a world of love, “he told Luciano.

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