The secret place where Shakira went with her children before coming to Miami has been revealed

Shakira left Barcelona on April 2 and settled in with her children, who will begin their school activities on April 11 at a prestigious school in Miami.

However, the Colombian, Milan and Sasha have not yet arrived in Miami as they are enjoying a few. holiday Before starting a new life.

Although the whereabouts of the interpreter of ‘BZRP Music Sessions #53’ and his offspring have been kept secret, this April 7 violates their presence in a heavenly place.

Where are Shakira and her children?

According to Spanish journalists Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez, hosts of the podcast ‘Mamarasis’, the Colombian artist Turks and Caicos IslandsA place located north of the Dominican Republic in the Atlantic Ocean, they describe in their article in El Periodico.

According to published information, Shakira, Milan and Sasha will be in Miami this weekendTo start his new life in America.

Shakira’s children’s new and expensive lives

The children with Shakira Pique will attend one of the most expensive and prestigious schools in Florida, Miami Country Day School, an exclusive institution attended by the children of businessmen, politicians and celebrities, reported ‘Mamarasis’ in recent days.

For now, the Colombian and his family will live in the lavish mansion they bought in 2001, located on North Bay Road Drive. 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.

However, it is speculated that Shakira and her children may move to a private island with difficult access to the paparazzi, giving her and her family the peace of mind they seek.


After months of difficult negotiations, the singer was able to reach an agreement with the children’s father, Gerard Piqué.

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The contract established that the former footballer could travel to see his children “whenever he wanted” and spend 10 days a month with them in “La Ciudad del Sol”.

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Shakira and the boys will live in this mansion in Miami.

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According to El Nuevo Herald, it concerns the apartment she already owns in the city and is worth 20 million dollars.

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The residence is located on North Bay Road, a popular street.

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According to information, it is a property with 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.

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The El Nuevo Herald reports that it was put up for sale on several occasions, and the last one went for $16 million.

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The residence was built in 1951.

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Shakira bought it in 2001 for $3.3 million.

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It is known that the singer has adapted and redesigned.

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For example, he added three rooms, and now the mansion has a certain air of his Lebanese heritage.

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It has a privileged location as it fronts Biscayne Bay.

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For now, it is known that the artist has already enrolled his children in a school in Miami so that they can resume classes after next Christmas, La Vanguardia newspaper reported.

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In the 12 years they were together, Shakira and Gerard Piguet never got married. The only legal issue that binds them is the safety and security of their children.

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According to a report in El Diario de Catalunya, Shakira could decide on a date to move permanently to Miami with her children without consulting her ex.

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