The fake German heir who deceived the New York elite triggers a Netflix mini-series, the first trailer has been released


15 One 2022 00:39 GMT

Anna Sorokina, also known as Anna Delvi, stayed at luxury hotels in the Big Apple for many years and attended social events.

Based on the new trailer for Netflix ‘Inventing Anna’ series this Friday Case Anna Sorokina, a Russian-born con artist, deceived the high society of New York by posing as a wealthy heir to fund her luxurious lifestyle.

The series follows the imaginary life of journalist Vivian, played by Anna Klumsky, who tries to report the truth behind Sorokina, played by Julia Garner. Prison meetings give him access to the swindler, while the outrage of his crimes attracts media attention.

Sorokina, also known as Anna Delvi, lived in New York for many years, staying in luxury hotels and attending social events, and was portrayed as the heir to a wealthy German family. His fraud came to light after he failed to pay multiple hotel fees at once.

In May 2019, he was convicted Sentenced He was sentenced to 12 years in prison for embezzling about $ 275,000 from banks, hotels, restaurants and his friends in New York high society. In February 2021, he was released on parole and may be deported from the United States to Germany in the future.

Previously, the portal Who is inside It was reported that the fraudster paid compensation on the money received from the site of Netflix, the producer of the series.

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