“It’s no joke they always lie to you”

actor Erdwin Fernandez Collado He advised Cubans not to turn all their misfortunes into jokes, and argued that you should be serious from time to time, because it is not funny to lie all the time.

At the beginning of a detailed publication on social networks, the artist – who has been living in the United States since January 2022 – explained that his father, an actor, Erdwin Fernandez, always protected comedians tooth and nail, and he always respected him. they.

“‘It is an art to make people laugh and think,’ he told me repeatedly, and he told me on more than one occasion: ‘A witty comedy is wonderful, an explosion of emotion that cannot be repeated, but When the origin of humor comes from the act of an abuser, the act of someone dark and ill-intentioned, this humor becomes your enemy.” Erdwin explained in a scathing text, which he later deleted from Facebook.

The actor warned that making fun of an entire city’s misfortunes can become a source of distraction that diverts energy from what’s truly important.

“Why? The abuser, the liar, the powerful test his strength, and when he finds your answer funny, he tries another joke a second time. Raise the stop! And So it will grow stronger every day, pushed harder every day, because in sum, the powerful say: ‘Burn them, take them to extremes, they will not overcome the ‘joke’.“, he said.

Next, the actor lists many of the daily tragedies of Cubans that turn into comedy.

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“… Blackouts: A Joke; Requirements: Another comedy; Distribution Book, Winery, Another Comedy; That there are no peas in frozen rivers in Canada? Let’s joke! Let’s laugh at our problems! “How amused you are by your ‘jokes’ when they actually make fun of you and laugh at you,” he warned.

“Sometimes you have to be serious, because a non-joke is a lie all your life. And the saddest thing: how the world sees it, and to many people how they see it, is terrible. A joke and they laugh and enjoy it: why help? Why interrupt that ‘joy’?” With that he concluded his argument.

Facebook screenshot/Erwin Fernandez Collado

Erdwin usually publishes texts in which he expresses his concern about the crisis in Cuba.

He has highlighted on previous occasions that everything that happens in Cuba affects the lives of both those who live there and those who leave, and that it is not the fault of the “blockade”, but it is not the fault of the government. No Communist Party, no leaders, not even the current ruler.

“The fault (of calling it something) is yours, those who are there, and all of us, who are part of the world-wide people who have left. We have ourselves to blame for keeping our heads down, talking softly, cornering, and leaving; For not exercising the universal rights of man. You have to look at it this way: four cats dominate millions, deciding their lives inside and outside of Cuba. Sad and pathetic,” he said last July.

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