The woman goes six weeks without realizing that she won a million dollars on Arsenal

A Michigan woman from Wayne County named Eileen Wickett hit the jackpot and won a million dollar prize in a Powerball drawing. but, The woman spent six weeks without realizing that she was a millionaire.

“I always play the same combinations of numbers and use the sign-up feature so I never miss a draw. I saw an email from the lottery telling me I won a prize, but it didn’t say how much I won, so I assumed it was a few dollars,” said Elaine Wickett, 60.

“Since I have a subscription and tickets are automatically purchased, I haven’t logged into my account in a while. It wasn’t until six weeks after I won that I logged into my account and saw a $1 million prize pending.. It was an amazing feeling! I immediately called my children to tell them the good news.”

The player matched the numbers for the February 6th Powerball draw which were: 05-11-22-23-69.

Wicket said he plans to use his newfound wealth to take a vacation, do some home renovations and share a portion with his family.

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