The Science Fair is preparing for its landing at the Plaza del Arenal

the XI Science Fair on Jerez Avenue It will start next Wednesday with a fundamentally new, face-to-face nature. The coronavirus pandemic has forced CEP Jerez, the main organizer of the event with the support of the Jerez City Council and the Ministry of Education, to readjust to the virtual model, which has been in place for the past four years.

In any case, and not to lose sight of the current times, this year CEP has chosen to maintain this format, so that for the first time in eleven years the exhibition will have a face-to-face virtual character.

However, the main objective of this initiative is none other than to strengthen the commitment to scientific careers among students (especially among women), in addition to promoting the participation of citizens in the scientific process, and developing models of teaching and learning based on research and experiment. and promoting the social and economic benefit of science and technology.

The center of this exhibition will again be him Arenal Squarewhich for three days, from June 31 to 2, will become a kind of scientific forum for schoolchildren.

In total there will be 31 educational centers that will be part of this edition, more than last year, but less than those registered at the beginning, since the delay in the dates of the celebration, initially scheduled for April but due to bureaucratic problems, was postponed until the end of May, caused Some of the initially registered centers refused to participate.

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As usual, students of the different centers, belonging to primary, secondary, baccalaureate and vocational education courses, work from the beginning of the course, under the tutelage of teaching teams, on different projects, among which we find proposals as diverse as magnetism, ecology, robotics, marine sciences, climate change, chemistry, and even As an anecdote, there is no shortage of nods to Lola Flores on this centenary of her birth, since IES Lola Flores He conducted an experiment called “Pena, penita pena” which analyzes the physico-chemical phenomenon that causes eye irritation when cutting onions.

the Street Science Gallerywhose poster was the work of Massimo Mendoza Moreno, from the third grade of elementary school at CEIP City of Jereza large number of pavilions, but also with the central tent where various activities will be carried out, ranging from conferences to an exhibition of various experiences, both in the morning session and in the afternoon session.

Thus, among the personalities who have confirmed their presence in this edition, some stand out such as Professor Álvaro Carmona, Isabel Caballero de Frutos, of the CSIC, or the Seville physicist Eugenio Fernandez Aguilar

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