The Federal Science and Technology Festival “I Choose Growth” takes place in Miguel Lillo

Elijo Crecer is the first federal science and technology festival in Argentina. It was developed simultaneously in more than 50 nodes distributed throughout the country, from Jujuy to Tierra del Fuego and from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires to the Cordillera. In Necochea it takes place on Saturday, April 6, in Miguel Lillo Park.

“It's a celebration, it's political but not partisan. The Argentine flag is for and for the people,” said Luciano Valenzuela, CONICET researcher at Unicen Quequén. He added later in an emotional reading in the presence of colleagues, teachers and various educational bodies, in addition to neighbors who came closer: “We are the country with the largest number of Nobel Prizes in science, and we cannot sit idly by.”

This event seeks to raise awareness and bring residents closer to the various areas of research being conducted in different regions. In Necochea, the struggle will be continued to defund and dismantle the field of science and technology in the country, and against layoffs in the state.

In this context, residents, especially in our city, are encouraged to become familiar with the lines of research conducted in the area and to understand their importance and impact on daily life. The main objective of this event is to promote scientific and technological dissemination in the country and encourage citizen participation in science, technology and innovation-related activities.

On the other hand, it seeks to show the situation that the scientific sector is going through under three slogans: por compliance with the National Science, Technology and Innovation System Funding Act; Against the dismantling of the science and technology system: and against the layoffs of workers in the country.

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