Mall Plaza announces gastronomic spaces and new store concepts

chain of shopping malls Mall Plaza is developing new projects in its malls in Lima, Peru. According to management, the chain has acquired spaces left by Cencosud, with its Paris store closed, for its creation. Show new concepts and motorcycles.

In this sense, this year Mall plaza plans to occupy large areas while continuing to close income contracts in the four malls in Lima.

Rodrigo Garcia, Director of Commerce and Marketing at Mall Plaza, commented on this at Last year the company reached the entry of 166 brandsespecially in Plaza Comas Mallbut a similar process also occurred in its operations in Arequipa, Bellavista and Trujillo.

“The space we acquired was the space Cencosud had left with her store closing in Paris, and we had two large spaces, one in Bellavista and one in Trujillo, and we divided those square meters and included several specialty stores and ‘gastronomy,'” Garcia said.

Mall Plaza plans 2022

Rodrigo Garcia said so They are working on some important projects that are currently confidential And they can’t advertise. However, he declared, “One of the most emblematic projects, that of gastronomic markets, with Lima Markets, creators of Mercado28, started its white run in Comas under the name Mercado Los ngeles with 21 kiosks, 19 of which are already rented,” the management stated.

As he pointed out In Mall Plaza Comas they develop parking spaces. Specifically, García revealed that the Moto Plaza will bring in 2,000 square meters of the showroom for car brands. It should be noted that this concept is most promoted by the mall chain and aims to continue to promote it.

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In 2021, the auto show in Trujillo is expanded and another show is coming this year. Likewise, in Bellavista they have also made expansions for the Electric Vehicles and Cargo Vehicles Showroom. “In Arequipa there was also a new construction, 1,200 square meters converted by Styles and it will be opened,” Garcia added.

new slots

The CEO said that CasaIdeas homeware branding will be addedin the coordination of a new store, at the Plaza Comas Mall for the Mother’s Day campaign.

In addition, in the coming weeks they will also have them in the same mall MAC Procedure Center for North Lima, highlighting that they already have one in Callao, at Mall Plaza Bellavista. Finally, the CEO commented that Suiza Lab will be arriving at Bellavista and In Arequipa they will open the Peruvian lingerie brand Sicurezza.


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