The Science and Technology Committee is seeking a meeting with Conahcyt Grupo Milenio

Science, Technology and Innovation Committee, chaired by the deputy from PVEMJavier Joaquín López Casarín will request a meeting with María Elena Álvarez Buela, Director of the National Council for Humanities, Science and Technology (Conahcyt)In order to meet the general law of humanities, sciences, technologies and innovation, the procedures to be followed.

Vice breadIgnacio Loyola Vera, Ignacio Loyola Vera, asked in the letter of convocation which he was to send to the chief of Conahcyt, that it be stated that he was leaving hostilities to Scientistsbefore the complaints that were poured by them.

Vice PRISayonara Vargas Rodriguez joined this petition in the sense of getting the answers from Konahsit that he had asked for since last year, after she confirmed that there was a very difficult moment going through the matter of reducing Scholarshipswhose argument comes from the scientific community of this country’s universities.

Vice President of the Bar Association, Juan Carlos Romero HicksThe Secretary of the Authority said that Konahset has announced a policy for postgraduate studies that is not transparent or clear in standards and classifications, and this problem goes beyond Public policy And it affects all higher education, so it is imperative that you go and report this situation.

Vice Citizen movementMario Alberto Rodriguez supported the proposal to recall the President of Conahcyt, promising to answer the different questions that were raised and those that were added, for example: What criteria will be applied within the educational policy at the postgraduate level? What are the regions?This explains the areas that are considered priorities for the so-called National Agenda, among others.

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affiliate PTDeputy Ana Karina Rojo Pimentel explained, that the meetings were always held with the director of the council in a framework of civility, and that is why she demanded if there was another meeting in the same thrust of respect on the part of the deputies and opposition MPs.

For Morena, deputy, Maria Eugenia Hernandez Perezasserted that it was not necessary to call a peaceful meeting with the director of Conahcyt, when they were always respectful, so calling this meeting is not in the name of all members commissionbut from a small number of lawmakers, so he wouldn’t have to attend that meeting.

Also who Brown womanRep. Judith Selena Tanori Córdova backed up what Rep. said, Hernandez PerezIndicating that what is required is that benefiting from human and scientific knowledge has an impact on the development of technologies and innovation and on a better life for all.

Vice PRIEduardo Enrique Murat Hinojosa spoke about his answer to all that was published regarding the new standards on the topic of postgraduate courses and the new. Category which is being implemented.


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