Rachel Diaz Responds to Critics for Leaving Miami to Focus Full on Religion

Rachel Diaz.

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In the last days Rachel Diaz This has given her a lot to talk about, not because of the possibility of returning to television, but because of the decision she and her husband made about their lives and leaving all the comforts they have in the city of Miami. A new life in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Despite the fact that they would only be gone for a couple of years, their journey across the land was not without controversy, as many of their followers and even their own families could not hide their concerns about the next. As they give and it leads them to focus fully on religion.

Carlos Garcia and Rachel Diaz shared the surprising news about their move and their new beginning, which they started keeping close to their followers a few months ago through the podcast they have. There is no shortage of people who accuse them of being opportunists and religious fanatics.

These comments did not go unnoticed by the former presenter of Univision and Telemundo, who decided not to remain silent and not face the criticism they faced from social networks.

It’s interesting to get comments that I’m impressed by some people’s creativity. Carlos and I are both clear on who we are, who we serve, and know our hearts…so if we want to become pastors to use others, take Carlos from Miami to all who comment that I do it…this is coming from the person who wrote it, and to us. I understand there is no connection,” he replied in a video he posted on Instagram Stories to defend himself against the criticism.

Rachel makes it clear that even though Rachel is confused about her beliefs, she doesn’t take anything personally, so she goes on with her life as if nothing happened.

“We cannot take such a comment personally and we will not take it personally. Others say it’s a massive frenzy. In the end, I’m not judging anyone. On the contrary, when we read such comments, each person may have a different point of view, but we understand that we are loving and eager to serve God and cannot live in any other way. We want to respect everyone, time will tell what God’s plan is and you will find out how we do,” he concluded.

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